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Abuse handling

We take our mission very seriously and carefully examine abuse cases.

If you have any question regarding abusive traffic emanating from one of our Tor Exit nodes, don't hesitate to contact our abuse departement. Please make sure to include the following details in your enquiry:

  • the offending IP address'
  • the type & address' of the abused service(s)
  • your contact information

For transparency reasons we publish monthly abuse mail statistics.

Abuse contact

: GPG: 0x02225522

RIPE Contact

We also have ar RIPE entry

Spam & Trolling

We are receiving a lot of automatically generated messages from self-proclaimed DMCA-Ninjas. Many of those 'inquiries' don't even include basic contact information or meaningful server logs. It is not our job to process 'junk mail' or communicate with robots. Our sysadmins will take the appropriate measures to ban such 'abuse spam' from our network.