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Bridge Program

Fight censorship! Our bridge program allows you to support the Tor network by adopting a Tor bridge.

Rather than making a single donation, you can now fund a Tor bridge on your own. Bridges are an important element in the Tor network because they allow people to use the network even if the direct acces to its entry-nodes is blocked in their country. This is mainly the case for people living under oppressive regimes. Read more about Tor bridges

With a recurring contribution of 3 EUR/month (duration min. 12 months) you can help us keep such a bridge up and running. The servers for this project are located in Luxembourg.

As a partner in our project you can choose the nickname of your bridge and follow it on Ënnstatus, our self-made information-panel.

Apply for the bridge program

More information

You want to know more about our work?

Our bridge operator will give you further information about the project.